My First Week of Parenthood.

My First Week of Parenthood.

Bringing a little one into this world is a mix of love, excitement and some horror. I know that I will do everything in my power to make my little girl Luna become an honest, happy and considerate human being. However, there are so many factors involved that seem uncontrollable. How can I make sure that the school system does its job? How can I let her be uninfluenced by the torrents of advertisements to eat poorly and be mal-nourished? How can I, with certainty, keep her fully off of the path of street drugs? Wow.

It’s a lot to sink in.

I do know a few things though. Luna will learn from my actions that the problems of life always have a solution; that the economy or “bad luck” is hardly ever to blame, but a person can always find a reason for something and come up with a solution. She will learn from me directly on how to always look around her and learn from her surroundings. She will know that crime, dishonesty and otherwise unscrupulous behavior, harm not only the target of the action, but the perpetrator as well.

When she learns basic skills I will help her master them and get the most out of them. Math will relate to real things and not just numbers on a page. Reading will not just be making sounds from a page, but finding out what the author wanted to communicate; it will be a vessel to learn new ways to do things. Science will be purely observational and based on experimentation, hypothesis and laws; not authority and the status quo. Religion will be the means of bringing entire populations into a higher state of awareness, integrity and kindness.

Luna Sierra Cordovez at a few days old

My little girl.

I’ve already seen Luna’s first poop, her first pee, her first burp and fart. I’ve also seen her first smile, her first dream (reactions when sleeping), her first stare and her first cry. While these may be small, they are still tiny milestones in her life. The bigger ones are yet to come, but I know I will be with her through to the very end. Sometime down the road she will finish school, she will go to prom (oh my goodness), she may have her first performance. She will get married, have kids… All of that is way down the line, but it’s a path she will inevitably make.

It is my business that she has the best shot at life that I could give her.

It’s not my business to decide what she does in this life. But it is my business to make sure that she knows the options available to her and the benefits of each. It is my business to make sure she is more informed than what the media would like. It is my business that she learns how to find out things on her own so she doesn’t rely on me forever. It is my business that she has the best shot at life that I could give her.

I am determined to do my duty as a father and give her everything and more than my family has given me. This act of love and kindness is what keeps our generations going. It’s a powerful feeling that cannot be broken down by anything or anyone. Today is my daughter’s one week birthday. In these last few days I’ve spent more time tending to Luna—burping her, putting her to sleep, rocking her, dancing with her—than I have pondering about her future.

I know that I will do everything I can for her each day, and one day she will no longer be a little one, but a bright and beautiful woman.

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