Life Factory Bottles Product Review

Life Factory Bottles Product Review

Luna is now 10lbs, 7oz & is 23 inches tall. She is pictured above strong and healthy at 9 weeks.

Trying to figure out which bottle was the best for my baby took me a long time. After about 2 hours of research and asking many other moms that EBF what kind of bottles they used, I decided which bottle I was the most comfortable with using for my daughter, Luna. I know I made a great choice.

I decided to use Life Factory bottles but was still really worried if my daughter would still take the breast after trying the bottle because I’ve read so much about how after the baby takes a bottle it’s hard to breast feed.

I exclusively breast fed my daughter until she turned 6 weeks old and my husband tried feeding her with the bottle and she took it just fine. At the beginning there was a little bit of milk coming out the sides of her mouth but after the fourth time of using it she got the hang of it.

We only give her the bottle if I want to go out of the house for a couple hours by myself and Luna stays with my husband or if we are driving in the car and it’s a longer trip. It has made it much more convenient and given me a little bit of freedom which is nice. I’m also very happy to say there hasn’t been any problem with her not accepting the breast after using the bottle.

These are higher end bottles but I’d say it was very worth it because there are 3 stages of nipples which you change out as the baby gets older. Also the bottle itself is glass with rubber on it which makes it easy to hold and clean. There aren't any chances of left over residue either. Right now I’m still using the stage one nipples because my daughter is 9 weeks old.

Hope this helps you in your decision on which bottle to use for your little one. Good luck mama or mama to be. :D

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